Cherry Valley State Forest

Don't let no one tell you different that Cliffords Taxidermy doesn't service the Cherry Valley area.Cherry Valley State Forest offers 1,566 acres of some of the best deer and bear hunting in Otsego County. Cliffords Taxidermy is only located about 30 minutes from the Cherry Valley State Forest area.

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Wall Pedestal Deer Mount
Whitetail Wall Pedestal Deer Mount
Stream Brown Trout
Taxidermy Wall Ped Whitetail Deer
Taxidermy Full Sneak Whitetail Deer
Wall Pedestal Taxidermy Whitetail Deer
Black Bear taxidermy
Fox Squirrel Taxidermy
European Deer Mount
Snow Shoe Hare Taxidermy
Wood Duck Taxidermy
Full Strut Turkey
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