Taxidermist Near Davenport NY

If you live in the Davenport area and are looking for taxidermist, look no further. Cliffords Taxidermy is approximately 45 minutes from Davenport, New York. Just take RT 23 west to RT 205 north and head to Hartwick, NY. Once you get to Hartwick just plug our address into your GPS and within 10 minutes you will be pulling into our driveway.

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Wall Pedestal Deer Mount
Whitetail Wall Pedestal Deer Mount
Stream Brown Trout
Taxidermy Wall Ped Whitetail Deer
Taxidermy Full Sneak Whitetail Deer
Wall Pedestal Taxidermy Whitetail Deer
Black Bear taxidermy
Fox Squirrel Taxidermy
European Deer Mount
Snow Shoe Hare Taxidermy
Wood Duck Taxidermy
Full Strut Turkey

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