Taxidermy Tanning Salt

tanning saltingIf you’re looking for a taxidermy grade salt for use in taxidermy look no further. Cliffords Taxidermy purchases hundreds of pound of tanning/pickling salt per year to use in its tanning operations. We are forced to buy it in large quantities. Of course this is way more than the average hobby taxidermist would need to complete a job. So we have made it easy for the do-it-yourself taxidermist to get their hands on some taxidermy grade salt in much smaller quantities then we would purchase and use in our shop annually.

Please note that this is the same salt you would want to use on your hunting trips to salt your game hides and capes and to preserve your hides until you return home from your trip.

This tanning salt is in no way shape or form to be used for human consumption. It is a taxidermy grade salt only intended to be used for taxidermy purposes. It is NOT the same salt that you buy off of store shelves. Our tanning salt comes directly from the mill. It is a custom mix, commercial grade that has no added fillers, minerals or iodine that could interfere with the tanning and or salting process. Many salts contain Sodium Ferrocyanide or Yellow Prussiate of Soda, which prevents the salt from clumping together. It also acts as a neutralizer in acid bath pickles. It is imperative that the pH of pickles be checked prior to the addition of hides. Our salt is of a fine grain structure which allows for a much better penetration into your deer hide or cape.

This tanning salt is safe to use on all game animals and birds.
This salt can be added to any pickle or tanning solution that you may use for your tanning. This product is great for maintaining the proper salinity of tans and pickles.

Tanning salt sold in 5lb units. The average deer hide will require approximately 3lbs of salt for its first initial application.

WARNING! Our salt cannot be used in food processing and is not to be used for human consumption whatsoever. This is not a food grade salt and is NOT approved by the FDA for such.


5lbs Taxidermy Tanning Salt on Square Market

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Directions for salting deer and other big game capes using our tanning salt:

Rub the tanning salt vigorously into all parts of the flesh side of your cape. Be very sure to get it into all folds nooks and crannies. Then hang in cool dry area for 24 hours. Repeat this step once more after 24 hours but be sure to brush off old salt. Allow hide to drain off all fluids before folding up to be transported home. If doing your own in house tanning proceed to wash hide in cold water, then allow hide to drain for a few hours. Place cape immediately into pickle solution or if using our very own Klifftan tanning kit, then place hide into the Klifftan.

When you use our tanning salt you DO NOT have to dry out the cape or hide to the point of being rock hard. Once all of the nasty fluid is removed from the cape or hide and has stopped dripping, you are then ready to move on.

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