Black Bear Taxidermy

NY Black Bear TaxidermistAlthough I don’t get many requests to do #blackbear #taxidermy, I enjoy doing them very much. One of the reasons I don’t get many black bears into the studio, is that black bear hunting recently just opened up in the area Clifford’s Taxidermy is located. Hopefully more hunters will be successful in harvesting black bears within the area and in turn provide me with more opportunities in mounting black bears.

Mounting a black bear is not the same as mounting a whitetail. Black bears are notorious for be very greasy and require a totally different technique when it comes to tanning the cape. Although the same mounting principles applies to both deer and bear, it all boils down to cape preparation. Most taxidermists cannot handle the cleaning and tanning of a black bear cape and will argue the fact, that tanning a black bear cape is not in a taxidermists best interest. For this reason 99% of bear capes get sent out to a tannery. At Clifford’s Taxidermy, I find that totally unacceptable. Like my deer capes, all bear capes are tanned on site professionally. I have the skill and knowledge when it comes to tanning greasy animals such as beaver and bear. Furthermore by tanning capes on site, I can make sure it is your cape that gets mounted, not the next guys cape.

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