Turkey Taxidermy


Whether you want a full body turkey mount, or just a tail fan mount, Clifford’s Taxidermy can accommodate. Our turkey mounts get a lot of attention during the process. Positioning each and every feather on a full strut gobbler can take days and usually does. Only real freeze dried turkey heads are used on our mounts, to give that realistic look. Freeze dried turkey heads is the most recommended method in the industry today. They are very detailed and will last a lifetime. When a freeze dried head is sent to our shop from our freeze drier contractor, the lifelike colors are airbrushed back into the head.

Looking to buy a turkey mount or a turkey tail fan for the upcoming turkey season? Then check out our Tukey Taxidermy For Sale page.

Proper Turkey Field Care

  • Shoot adult turkey. Jakes are poor candidates for mounting.
  • If lots of feathers are present on ground, turkey may not be mountable.
  • Do not gut bird, unless on a camping trip
  • Be very gentle in handling turkey. Do not ruffle any feathers.
  • Keep bird on it’s back while transporting it.
  • Call Clifford’s Taxidermy to schedule appointment.
  • Bring turkey to Clifford’s Taxidermy

Call 607-431-8350 for pricing, more information and to schedule an appointment.

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