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I get many phone calls from customers who are not quite sure on how to cape out their deer before coming to Cliffords Taxidermy. We mount deer heads which are commonly refereed to full shoulder deer mounts. Here is a photo tutorial on the proper way of caping a deer out correctly.

Rules to follow when getting a deer head mounted.

1) Cape out as soon as possible when air temps are above 32 degree’s. Otherwise caping should be completed within 24 hours of kill.

2) Never allow the deer cape to lay on the ground or onto a concrete floor.

3) Hang deer cape by the antlers as pictured below, until you are ready to transport to the taxidermist which is within a few hours of caping out. Deer capes should be hung in a cool dry area and out of direct sunlight and away from all heat sources.Deer capes and deer heads can be placed into a freezer and froze solid if you are unable to get to the taxidermist until a later date.

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