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There seems to be some mass confusion on the CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) laws of New York in relation to taxidermy. As a result there has also been some scrupulous and deliberate mis-information given to New York hunters who travel outside of the state to hunt big game which is classified as a CWD state by NYDEC.

This has resulted in New York hunters leaving their trophy behind in the state the hunt took place in. Only due to the fact that they were convinced by their outfitter/guide, that it was against the law to return to New York with their trophy.

These are the facts. If you go on an out of state hunt you can return to New York with your trophy if it has been FULLY caped out and that the skull cap does not contain any brain matter.

Here is a list of what you CANNOT bring back to New York from your hunting trip.

Lymph nodes in the neck
Spinal Cord/Backbone
Intestinal Tract

Now here is what you are ALLOWED to bring back to New York after your hunting trip.

Packaged Game Meat (without backbone)
Cleaned hide and cape for taxidermy
Skull plate and/or antlers cleaned of all meat and brain tissue for taxidermy
Upper canine teeth

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