Cliffords Taxidermy Prices

Effective Summer 2022

Supply cost, industry supply availability and current workload set current taxidermy prices. Taxidermy prices subject to change without notice. 40% deposit required, balance due on completion.

Please be advised that the taxidermy industry was severely effected by high material costs in 2022 along with record high shipping costs to receive such materials.

Deer Shoulder Mounts $750

European Deer Skull $295 includes plaque

Black Bear Head Mounts $799

Fish Mounts $450 up to 22 inches. $20 additional per inch over 22 inches.

Turkey Mounts $975 any position includes base

Turkey Tail Fan Mounts $199 includes beard and feet

Ducks $495 any position

Geese $599 any position

Grouse & Pheasant’s $399

Small Game Mammal Mounts $399

Coyote Full Body Mount $2999

Fox Full Body Mount $2700

Beaver Mounts $1900

Hide & Pelt Tanning- Service suspended at this time due to supply shortage along with inflated costs for tanning chemicals.

Fish, small game and bird mounts include basic habitat. Panels for head mounts extra. Additional charges for large habitat displays for full body mounts. No domestic pet taxidermy offered.

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Cliffords Taxidermy Photo Gallery

Pictures of work performed by Cliffords Taxidermy. Deer mounts, fish mounts, turkey mounts, bird mounts and more.
Whitetail Wall Pedestal Deer Mount