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deer capes for saleA deer cape is probably the most handled, bought and sold piece of taxidermy skin within North America today. Deer Capes come in all sizes and variation in colors, depending on what part of the country the deer has come from. A deer cape is nothing more than a deer hide from the nose of the deer to just behind the front shoulders in length. Deer capes from New York, Pennsylvania, Maine or anywhere from the northeast will differ in size, thickness and color then let’s say a deer cape from Texas, Kansas or anywhere in the south.

The most important features of any cape is size. The length from the tip of the nose to the front corner of the eye along with the circumference of the neck behind the ears is what all taxidermists are interested in. Any cape with 20 inches plus behind the ears is considering a big trophy deer, most likely a buck in full rut. Deer capes for sale that measure 20 inches or more go for hundreds of dollars.


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