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Turkey TaxidermyWhen it all comes together, look for a way to preserve that experience. Relive that memory by trusting Cliffords Taxidermy.


Licensed & Certified Taxidermist

The 2017 New York Spring turkey season is upon us and we here at Cliffords Taxidermy are ready to go and mount your turkey. We specialize in turkey taxidermy and have been mounting turkeys for over 20 years. We offer any pose you so desire and mount all turkeys on a standard habitat base at no additional charge. But don’t worry, custom upgraded habitat bases are available for an additional charge if you need to pimp that mount.

NY Turkey Taxidermy Our turkey taxidermy poses include but are not limited to standing, walking, flying, dead mount, full strut, half strut and gobbling on the roost.







We accept shipments of turkeys from non residents from across the country. Contact us to ship your turkey today.

Full Strut Turkey Taxidermy


Good News! We mount all game including birds and fish! So bring us your trophy today and see what Cliffords Taxidermy can do for you.

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