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Taxidermy In 10 Different Languages



Wondering how other non speaking english countries translate the word taxidermy and define it? Well here you are.

  1. Spanish: Taxidermia – Se refiere al arte de preparar, rellenar y montar las pieles de animales con fines de exhibición o estudio.
  2. French: Taxidermie – Fait référence à la pratique de conserver le corps d’un animal en le remplissant ou en montant sa peau à des fins d’exposition ou scientifiques.
  3. German: Präparation – Bezieht sich auf den Prozess der Erhaltung der Haut oder des Körpers eines Tieres für wissenschaftliche, pädagogische oder künstlerische Zwecke.
  4. Italian: Tassidermia – Si riferisce al processo di conservazione e montaggio della pelle degli animali per scopi espositivi o scientifici.
  5. Portuguese: Taxidermia – Refere-se à prática de preparar, rechear e montar peles de animais para fins de exibição ou científicos.
  6. Russian: Таксидермия (Taksidermiya) – Относится к искусству и науке сохранения, подготовки и монтажа шкур животных для демонстрации или изучения.
  7. Chinese (Simplified): 塑制动物标本 (Sùzhì dòngwù biǎoběn) – 指通过塑造和成型动物的身体制作动物标本的过程,通常用于教育或研究目的。
  8. Arabic: تصدّري (Tasdari) – يشير إلى ممارسة الحفاظ على جلد وجسم الحيوانات لأغراض العرض أو الدراسة.
  9. Hindi: पुष्पशास्त्र (Pushpashaastr) – जानवरों की त्वचा को संरक्षित रखने और उन्हें सजाने की प्रक्रिया से संबंधित है, जिसे डेकोरेटिव और धार्मिक उद्देश्यों के लिए उपयोग में लाया जाता है।
  10. Japanese: 剥製術 (Hakusei-jutsu) – 伝統的な日本の実践において、動物の皮を保存し、装飾的および教育的な目的のためにマウントすることを指します。

If your interesred in reading more about taxidermy in your own language, visit the Wikipedia page on Taxidermy. It provides an overview of the practice of taxidermy with the preserving and mounting the skins of mammals, birds and fish for display or study purposes. The Wiki covers the history of taxidermy, the tools and techniques used in the practice, and the various applications of taxidermy, including art, education, and research. It also discusses the controversies surrounding the practice, including ethical and legal concerns related to the acquisition of animal specimens. Additionally, the Wiki provides information on notable taxidermists throughout history, as well as museums and exhibitions featuring taxidermy.

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