Cliffords Taxidermy~What’s On Your Wall?

Post Brain Surgery & COVID-19

Update October 2020

We are sorry to announce that Cliffords Taxidermy is currently unable to accept any work or new clients at this time. Due to a brain tumor that was discovered in 2019 and removed in early 2020 and then followed by the Covid-19 shutdown fiasco we are currently beyond back logged with work.

Certain materials and chemicals used in our shop for taxidermy have been difficult to obtain due to either the manufactures or companies that produced and sell them shutting down or have reduced its work force.  Nitro gloves and certified face masks for use in mixing taxidermy chemicals and airbrushing mounts have also been very hard to secure.

To all current customers please bear with us as we work to finish up all mounts. Due to the major back log and the slight possibility of another Covid-19 outbreak we are unable to give estimate completion times.